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Meet Dr. Yvette Conerly-Glenn

Dr. Glenn has spent 25 years in Nursing as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner. She has served in diverse roles to include both women’s and men’s health. She has expertise in wound care, urology and education.

Yvette is a high achiever with outstanding results in nursing through her patient care services for diverse groups of individuals. She has been locally, regionally and nationally recognized for her clinical work in the federal government.

She currently is working to enhance nursing through her role as a nursing professor. Yvette is educated in civility/incivility amongst nurses and staff alike. She has been instrumental in program development for telemedicine programs. She has advanced experience in Education.

Current practices are Nurse Practitioner - Urology through the federal healthcare sector, Coaching and Mentoring for Advance Practice Registered Nurses. Yvette’s hobbies include reading, traveling and time with her family. She enjoys trying new projects, ethnic foods and activities that promote growth and well-rounded learning for self and others.

Yvette’s greatest accomplishment are her 4 children and watching their own entrepreneurial development and educational foci. Her dream is to have all of her children complete their doctoral degree and to travel extensively abroad.

Dr. Conerly-Glenn


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