My goal is to be your motivator and
guide in achieving
and keeping with


Creating and Promoting Life Changes for Wellness

My goal is to help you define your personal wellness presently and in the future. This is best accomplished by providing you with a holistic review and approaches that will motivate and stimulate your life journey. I can assist you with:

  • Creating a life plan for wellness specific to your identified needs.

  • Inspiring you to make better choices in health and wellness based on your lifestyle.

  • Defining health challenges affecting your health, that you would like to change.

  • Empowering and supporting you through your wellness and life changes.

  • Working with you to embrace health and wellness in how you feel and perform.

  • Holistically helping  you to embrace life and health changes for your own wellness.

Types of Health and Life Coaching Available

Health and our life work hand in hand in our wellness. I will work with you to explore your current health, provide evidence-based approaches to wellness in your health, and define modalities for aligning both in a holistic fashion.

I will help you to identify unhealthy habits that you would like to change, while developing realistic goals to achieve success. My goal is to be your motivator and guide in achieving and keeping with your self-improvement goals.

Dr. Conerly-Glenn


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